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    Naturalistisk tur, Kulturel, Lunch not included

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A thrilling excursion dedicated to breathtaking scenery along the coast surrounding Hososhima passing by a lovely Shinto shrine perched on a cliff which enchants us by the force of nature capable of creating scenery of such an irresistible force.

What we will see
  • Omi Shinto shrine overlooking the sea
  • Scenic Kurusu-no-Umi cliff
  • Umagase cliff: a spectacular crevice along the coast
  • Breathtaking views of the ocean
  • Stop for shopping in a souvenir shop

What we will do
  • The first stop on our excursion is the Omi Shinto shrine dedicated to goddess Amaterasu. The temple is small but its location is well worth a visit: it is perched on a cliff dropping into the sea and offers amazing views.
  • We then move on to the scenic Kurusu-no-Umi cliff, a rocky coastal stretch characterised by a peculiar cross shape due to the effect of erosion: from the belvedere, we can see the four stretches of blue sea merging through the cliff - a truly unique spectacle.
  • Our next destination is the Umagase cliff, a deep narrow inlet flanked by vertical rocky faces 70 metres high. The waves crashing onto the rocks offer an extraordinary spectacle generating powerful spurs of water.
  • If we reach the end of the crevice with Umagase behind us, we can enjoy breathtaking vies of the ocean and of the coast, the perfect opportunity to take amazing pictures.
  • We end our excursion with a spot of shopping in a local store where we can find some lovely souvenirs to take home with us.

What you need to know
  • There is limited availability of guides that speak English and other European languages.