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    Abu Dhabi

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    Discovery & taste, Culture & local gems, Less than 1 hour walking, Family friendly, Certified guide, 50

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In a nutshell

Majestic monuments, towering skyscrapers, museums of historic interest and the exclusive Emirates Palace, where a sumptuous dinner awaits us: Abu Dhabi is a city of a thousand interests, with astounding architecture and a spectacular skyline.

Main stops
  • Al Ittihad Square
  • Corniche
  • Skyline
  • Heritage village
  • Zayed Cultural Centre
  • Emirates Palace Hotel
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • The islands of Yas and Saadiyat

The programme
  • After leaving the port, our excursion to the cosmopolitan capital of the United Arab Emirates will begin with a stop at Al Ittihad Square, whose name means “union” in Arabic, to take photos of the spectacular, white ivory monuments, including a large coffee-pot and an incense burner symbolising the renowned Arab hospitality and its centuries-old tradition.
  • Our next stop to take photos will be the Corniche, the spectacular waterfront lined with numerous ultra-modern, glass skyscrapers and elegant residential complexes, which have earned Abu Dhabi the title of “Manhattan of the Persian Gulf”.
  • We then come to Heritage Village, which houses a small museum and reconstructed homes which illustrate the day-to-day activities of the local community before oil was discovered in the late ‘50s.
  • Then we will visit the 'Zayed Cultural Centre' to take a look at the life of the founder sultan of the United Arab Emirates, a man close to his people, who contributed immensely to his nation and to the entire world, known for his fair decisions, generosity and willingness to help the most needy.
  • We will be able to visit two additional galleries at the centre, showing the first few days following ADCO’s discovery of oil way back in 1958, and another section dedicated to the Abu Dhabi Police, from its beginnings to the present day.
  • The next stage on our tour is the Emirates Palace Hotel, which emanates the charm of Abu Dhabi and where a delicious dinner will be waiting for us.
  • We will set off next for the majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in the United Arab Emirates. This will be followed by a sightseeing tour along the bridges linking Abu Dhabi to the mainland, towards Yas Island, famous for its Formula 1 circuit and for the Ferrari World Park. Then we will proceed towards Saadiyat Island, where prestigious museums such as the Guggenheim, the Louvre Abu Dhabi and others will soon be opening their doors.
  • After our sightseeing tour is over we will return to the port.

Good to know
  • We recommend that you book early as only a limited number of places are available.
  • Being one of the main attractions of the city, there is the possibility of finding long queues at the entrance.
  • Dress code: smart or casual. Men must wear closed shoes (women may wear open shoes) and a collared shirt. No trainers, t-shirts or jeans.
  • Clothing that is appropriate for the places of worship to be visited is recommended.
  • The rule for entry to the mosque states that women must cover their heads with a scarf, wear wide, long trousers and long-sleeved outfits. Do not wear shorts, beachwear, sleeveless or tight-fitting garments. Men are advised to wear long trousers and short or long-sleeved shirts and to avoid sleeveless shirts. 
  • The local authorities do not allow photographs to be taken of the tomb of Sheikh Zayed.
  • Slight changes may be made to itineraries and the length of excursions in order to safeguard your health and comply with regulations and the safety protocol.