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In a nutshell

A fascinating tour of the Dhofar area, amongst archaeological excavations and sea geysers.

Main stops
  • Archaeological site of Al-Balid
  • The fishermen's village of Taqah (ruins)
  • Khor Rori Bay
  • Lunch in a hotel in Salalah
  • Mughsail Beach with sea geysers

The programme
  • We will begin our tour with a visit to the archaeological site of Al-Balid, where we will see artefacts which demonstrate the archaeological, historic and cultural heritage of the region.
  • We will proceed to the fishermen's village of Taqah, third largest 'city' in Dhofar, which has always been inhabited by farmers and fishermen. Taqah is presently famous, primarily for its tasty sardines.
  • From Taqah we will head to the Bay of Khor Rori, where it is believed the destroyed city of Sumhuram once stood, capital of the exotic incense trade of ancient Arabia. In ancient times, Dhofar was an important hub for incense trading. It is no coincidence that the Three Wise Men who brought this gift to Baby Jesus came from Dhofar. Nowadays, incense is not used as it once was and these trees are now only found in a few locations (Yemen and Oman). The excavations served to prove the existence of an ancient inhabited centre which held maritime commercial relationships with the Far East as well as far-off Greece. Additionally, it is believed that this is the place where the palace from the legend of the Queen of Saba stood, which is presently in ruins and undergoing restoration.
  • We will stop for lunch  in a hotel in Salalah.
  • On the return to the ship, we will stop in Mughsail beach: Three kilometres of marvellous white, unspoilt beaches, framed by high cliffs on both sides and numerous picnic areas. These extremely white beaches are known for their sea geysers: with a bit of luck, we will see sensational water jets coming out of the natural openings dug into the rock and which, at times, can reach up to 15 metres.
  • Finally, we will visit the souk, an old market where we will have some free time for shopping.

Good to know
  • Dollars are accepted in the souk.
  • There are about 32 steps to exit the site of Samhuram.
  • This excursion is not recommended for guests with mobility problems.
  • Places on this excursion are limited. We recommend booking early.
  • On Thursdays, Fridays and national holidays, museums, mosques, archaeological sites and shops may be closed without warning.
  • Slight changes may be made to itineraries and the length of excursions in order to safeguard your health and comply with regulations and the safety protocol.