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An excursion to admire the civilisation of man and the wonders of nature on an itinerary that starts at the city of Tamatave, with its lively streets and grand bazaar, and takes us to the heart of the forest to meet the lemurs.

What we will see
  • Panoramic tour of Tamatave
  • Visit to Bazary Be
  • Parc Ivoloina Zoological Park
  • Visit to the museum* Panoramic tour of Tamatave
  • Visit to Bazary Be
  • Parc Ivoloina Zoological Park
  • Visit to the museum

What we will do
  • Leaving the port by minibus, we begin our excursion with a panoramic tour of Tamatave.
  • We'll visit all the main sights in the city: through the decadent colonial quarter, Boulevard Joffre, Avenue d'Indépendance, the city's main artery, and the bustling Rue du Commerce, a daily meeting place for the locals and for the woman who go there every morning to shop at the small market.
  • We'll visit the Bazary Be, literally the grand bazaar, the city's main market, where we can admire and purchase all sorts of species and medicinal plants, as well as typical local craft items such as fabrics printed on cotton and creations in raffia and wicker.
  • We then head north of Tamatave to the Parc Ivoloina Zoological Park, created in 1898 as an experimental garden on the western bank of the river from which it takes its name.
  • In the park, flora and fauna reign supreme: here we can admire numerous varieties of rare plants, various species of lemurs, and numerous types of reptiles, such as tortoises, snakes and chameleons which, temporarily shut away in cages to be studied and preserved, live freely and in great numbers in the reserve.
  • Following a guided tour of the small museum, a worthy conclusion to this exciting experience, we return to the port.

What you need to know
  • Transport and facilities in Madagascar are not necessarily of the standard usually found in developed countries.
  • Given the large number of vehicles used, we cannot guarantee that a member of the ship’s crew will be on hand to assist with communication.
  • We recommend wearing suitably sporty clothing and comfortable shoes with a non-slip sole for the visit to the park.
  • We recommend bringing insect repellent.
  • Places on this excursion are limited. We recommend booking early.
  • The vehicles used in this excursion are small in size and are not equipped with air-conditioning.
  • The excursion does not feature guides on each bus but some local guides will assist groups providing information during the main stops. English speaking guides are available in limited numbers; if they are not available, the excursions will be conducted in French.