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An interesting excursion to admire the extraordinary sea lions of the Punta Loma reserve, with a stop in a typical farm where we can witness sheep shearing as well as a visit to the Puerto Madryn eco-centre. A full immersion into the amazing nature of this unspoilt region.

What we will see
  • Punta Loma reserve, sea lion sanctuary
  • Estancia San Guillermo, sheep shearing, snack
  • Puerto Madryn eco-centre, marine ecosystems

What we will do
  • We cross the Puerto Madryn residential area to reach the Punta Loma reserve, which was established in 1966. We can spot guanay cormorants and South American terns and it is also the home to a permanent South American sea lion colony, perhaps the archetypal sea lions in appearance. Males have in fact a very big head with a well-developed mane, making them the most lionesque among eared seals. Young sea lions can be spotted all year round.
  • Our tour continues with Estancia San Guillermo, a typical Patagonian farm that combines sheep farming with rural tourism. We have the chance of learning more about the local flora and fauna and enjoy a demonstration of sheep shearing. Before leaving the farm, we are offered a delicious snack.
  • On our way back to the ship, we visit the Puerto Madryn eco-centre dedicated to the study of marine ecosystems, the first of its kind in Argentina. In the main room, an educational path illustrates the coastal ecosystem of Patagonia. Data, diagrams, drawings and photographs reveal the magnitude of ocean currents and extraordinary variety of algae, explain why whales jump and what is the difference between seals, sea lions and elephant lions. There is also a reproduction of Mel, a killer whale identified in the Valdés Peninsula.

What you need to know

  • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available.
  • Not all the roads are tarmacked and the gravelled paths are uneven and dusty. It is not unusual for dust to get inside the vehicle through the ventilation system.
  • We recommend wearing light clothing, a hat, comfortable walking or hiking shoes and bringing sun cream with you.
  • It is not possible to take photos using the flash in the areas in which the animals live.?