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A relaxing and regenerating tour on a typical Brazilian boat along the Canal do Itajuru, also known as the “Brazilian Miami”, as far as some of the most famous and spectacular beaches in Cabo Frio, i.e. Praia do Forte and Praia das Conchas, where we can refresh our minds and bodies between crystal-clear waters and the white sand.

What we will see
  • Tour in a traditional boat along Canal do Itajuru: luxury villas
  • Crystal-clear waters of Praia do Forte with famous white sandy beaches
  • São Matheus Fort
  • Rock formations, cacti and rare plants
  • Praia das Conchas, the shell-shaped beach
  • Swimming and relaxation in the crystal-clear water of Parrot Island bay, spectacular marine flora and fauna

What we will do
  • We start our excursion by getting on a traditional boat and we set off to discover the beautiful villas built along the shores of Canal do Itajuru, also known as “Brazilian Miami” due to its luxurious villas featuring private moorings and yachts.
  • We then have the chance to see where Canal do Itajuru meets the crystal-clear waters of Praia do Forte, characterised by its famous white sandy beaches stretching over 7.5 km and very popular with tourists.
  • Everything is overlooked by the São Matheus Fort, located on the eastern tip of Praia do Forte and built between 1616 and 1620 by the Portuguese against the British, French and Dutch invasions. The fort represents one of the oldest colonial architectural buildings in Latin-America with a defensive purpose.
  • As we sail, our attention is captured by the enchanting rock formations, cacti and rare plants as far as the unique Praia das Conchas with its semi-circular shape reminiscent of a shell.
  • In addition to admiring the views, we can go for a swim and relax in the crystal-clear waters of the Ilha dos Papagaios, or Parrot Island, famous for its spectacular marine flora and fauna including turtles, rays and corals.
  • After indulging in some relaxation, we head back to the port along Canal do Itajuru.

What you need to know
  • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available.
  • You must be able to swim and be physically fit to take part in this excursion.
  • This excursion does not include a guide.