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    Giro turistico, Kulturel, Shopping, Meal included

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Let's visit Blumenau, a unique “European” city with an amazing quality of life, welcoming people and peculiar events of German origin such as the Oktoberfest.

What we will see
  • Prefeitura
  • Proeb pavilions
  • St Paul Apostle Cathedral
  • Churrascaria lunch
  • Rua XV de Novembro

What we will do
  • From Porto Belo, we head to Blumenau, where our guides take us on a sightseeing tour of examples of Teutonic architecture such as the Prefeitura, a testament to the times when the city used to be a German colony.
  • From here, we move on to the Proeb pavilions to see the venue of true Oktoberfest-style beer festival.
  • We also visit the Cathedral of St Paul the Apostle, a majestic construction representing a modern Architectural concept for Catholic churches.
  • We “go back” to Brazil temporarily and have lunch in a typical churrascaria with an excellent varied buffet.
  • We can then do some shopping or stroll along the lovely Rua XV de Novembro.

What you need to know
  • The itinerary may be subject to change.
  • On Sundays, free time can be spent in the “Neumarket shopping mall” or in the Luckmar shop.