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In a nutshell

Then, there are the sea bottoms, in Grenada, that only a true Grenadian knows about. That is where we will go. Have you ever thought about having an immersive experience among tropical fish, barrier reefs and underwater sculptures, but without going in the water? With your transparent-bottom kayak it will be as if you are actually touching them. The experience ends with a refreshing beverage awaiting you at the destination.

Main stops
  • Excursions in transparent kayak
  • Baia di Grand Mal, Sunset View Restaurant
  • The barrier reefs of Grand Mal, Cherry Hill, Molinière Bay

The programme
  • No need for scuba tanks or mouthpieces: reach all the best spots of Grenada on a kayak with a double transparent bottom, and experience the unique sensation of being a part of the marine world.
  • Your adventure begins from the heavenly Grand Mal Bay, on the west coast of the island. If the kayak bottom is transparent, how would you describe the water? Crystalline?
  • You can reflect on this as you paddle next to the barrier reefs up to Cherry Hill, face to face with the lively fauna of the reef: live corals, mollusks, colorful fish. You have never seen them like this so close.
  • Proceed slowly so you do not miss a beat of this wonderful show, both in the water and on the coast. Grenada, known as ”the island of spices”, is all green for the rainforest and nutmeg plantations.
  • Once you’ve arrived at Molinière Bay, look down. You are on the first underwater sculptures park in the world. Very famous: it was created by the sculptor, Jason de Caires Taylor and it depicts a round dance of human figures.
  • With a full personal memory of images as well as a full camera, it is time to return to the shore. Not without first a swim through the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea and a refreshing beverage.

Good to know
  • To protect your health, in respect of the legislative requirements and safety protocol, the itineraries and the duration of the excursions may be subject to slight modifications.
  • Book before everyone else: it is among the most popular experiences.
  • The experience is not suitable for pregnant women.
  • Minimum age: 12.