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    St. Kitts

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A magnificent tour presenting the multifaceted nature of St. Kitts to see the best of the island and familiarise ourselves with its history, admiring the characteristic splendid tropical landscape.

What we will see
  • Basseterre: Berkeley Memorial and Independence Square
  • Brimstone Hill Fortress and National Park
  • Wingfield Estate: Caribelle Batik Studios
  • Romney Manor
  • Fairview Great House: colonial estate, tropical botanical garden and ancient stone cellar
  • Timothy Hill: views of the Frigate Bay Resort beach, the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea

What we will do
  • We will begin our tour alongside our guide leaving from Basseterre, capital of the island of St. Kitts founded by the French in 1627, as well as being the oldest city in the eastern Caribbean, where the specific heritage left by French and British colonisation, has been upheld, amongst which Berkeley Memorial (Victorian style iron fountain-clock, symbol of the city), Independence Square (small square with a central fountain, which served as a public slave market during colonisation) as well as the striking architecture of the surrounding buildings.
  • Important elements on our tour include, the visit to thefortress and the Brimstone Hill National Park. This magnificent and striking fortress boasts an important history: known as the 'Gibraltar of the Indian Ocean' or the 'Gibraltar of the Caribbean', it was designed to protect British interests in this part of the Caribbean during the 18th and 19th Centuries. Awarded the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, this architectural wonder is presently one of the best preserved fortifications within the Americas and a tribute to the ability of British military engineering and the work of African slaves. From above the city or any point of arms square, we can enjoy a breathtaking view of the national park and the surrounding islands.
  • Within Wingfield estate, the sought-after Caribelle Batik products are available: this Caribbean estate is the headquarters of Caribelle Batik Studios, which produces the world famous colourful tapestries and where we can admire the local art where the Sea Island cotton is made into incredible batik fabrics.
  • Standing on a large and well looked-after land, Romney Manor is a 17th Century within a splendid botanical paradise of approximately 5 hectares, the first owner of which was Samuel Jefferson, the great-great grandfather of Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States.
  • Once we get to Fairview Great House, we will step back in time and visit a typical estate of St. Kitts which boasts authentic colonial style interior. Not to be missed in the courtyard, the ancient stone cellar which provides access to a. original Fairview present and souvenir shop for a little shopping.
  • Our last stop takes us to Timothy Hill, from where we can enjoy breathtaking, to say the least, views. From here, we can admire the vast expanse of Frigate Bay Resort, with its golden beaches, the frothingwaves of the Atlantic to the North and the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea to the south, just a few hundred metres away from each other.

What you need to know
  • Comfortable shoes are recommended.
  • This excursion includes an English speaking guide.
  • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available.