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In a nutshell Let us visit the best-preserved Medieval town in all of Sweden - the charming town of Visby, which overlooks the western coast of the marvellous island of Gotland, a popular tourist destination. We will get to know its oldest and most representative buildings such as the towers, fortified walls, Cathedral and Museum, as well as its most charming places such as the Almedalen park, the Botanical Garden and the Klinten viewpoint.

Main stops
  • Almedalen 
  • Kruttornet 
  • Botanical garden 
  • Klinten Dalmanstornet 
  • St. Mary's Cathedral 
  • Gotland Museum

The programme
  • The destination of our tour is the charming city of Visby, whose first settlement dates back to the Stone Age. The splendour of the city was at its peak during the Middle Ages, so much so that the Cathedral and walls date back to that era, just like all the other testimonies that make Visby the Medieval city best preserved in all of Sweden. Our journey through the past and present of the town starts in Almedale, the ex wharf and now a peaceful oasis in the heart of Visby with lawns, gardens and a lovely lake. We take a stroll along the Strandvägen seafront and, at the junction with Strandgatan, spot the oldest of the defensive watchtowers part of the city walls: Kruttornet, i.e. the gunpowder tower, dating back to the 12th century. The last stop is the amazing Botanical garden just a stone’s throw from the beach and protected against the sea salt and adverse weather coming from the Baltic Sea by the city wall. In addition to boasting wonderful nature, the garden is also home to the ruins of a Medieval church. We admire exotic plants, roses and magnolias as well as many bird species and even observe one of its most precious treasures and a true rarity: the sacred Ginkgo Biloba living fossil. Once outside this magnificent Eden, the coach is waiting to take us to a spectacular viewpoint: Klinten. Once the city’s poorest district characterised by narrow alleyways and picturesque terraced houses, it is now very popular precisely due to its views over the city. After this brief stop, we head to the Dalmanstornet defensive tower and walk into Visby climbing up the hill to visit the magnificent St. Mary’s Cathedral dating back to the 13th century, which is both a place of worship and precious cultural heritage. As we walk around the city centre alleyways, we spot the series of yellow buildings that make up the Gotland Museum, which covers an entire block including Strandgatan and Mellangatan. The building was used for different purposes over the centuries - in 1777, the Swedish government purchased the entire complex to house the royal distillery and the current museum was set up in 1879. Its 24 rooms illustrate the 8,000 years of history of Gotland and display archaeological, artistic, cultural and natural history collections.

Good to know
  • This excursion is not recommended for guests with mobility problems.