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In a nutshell A panoramic itinerary through the magnificent Scandinavian capital, visiting some of its most important places and buildings such as the majestic City Hall and its sumptuous Golden Hall, the imposing Royal Palace surrounded by the characteristic little cobbled streets of the Old City, and the famous Vasa Museum.

Main stops
  • Stockholm
  • Blue Hall and Golden Hall in City Hall
  • Gamla Stan
  • Royal Palace
  • Free time for lunch and shopping
  • Djurgården
  • Vasa Museum

The programme
  • Our excursion takes us to Stockholm, Sweden's magnificent capital. The city is renowned for its characteristic structure, built on 14 islands magnificently bathed by the waters of Lake Mälaren, connected by picturesque bridges. It is this scenery that makes it one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
  • We'll take a panoramic tour of the city and visit the most important places and the most architecturally significant buildings.
  • Leaving the port, we set off on our coach towards one of Stockholm's symbolic buildings, its City Hall or Stadshuset, the city's political centre and the location for the annual Nobel Prize celebrations.
  • Having admired its imposing exterior - surrounded by water and topped with three golden crowns, the symbol of the kingdom of Sweden - we'll be enchanted by the Blue Hall and the sumptuous Golden Hall whose walls are entirely covered with precious golden mosaics composed of over 20 million tiles.
  • Returning to the coach we cross the city to the historic centre, known as Gamla Stan or Old City. Here we'll be struck by the strong contrast between the elegantly imposing eighteenth-century Royal Palace and the characteristic stone streets that wind between historic buildings and elegant, picturesque little squares.
  • We'll visit some of more than 600 rooms, furnished in baroque and rococo style, in the Royal Palace.
  • We continue with an enjoyable guided walking tour through the historic centre, where medieval residences and narrow, winding cobbled streets blend with history to form a characteristic atmosphere.
  • After lunch we'll move slightly away from the centre to the green island of Djurgården, the Court's historic hunting reserve, today an idyllic recreation centre immersed in nature with numerous attractions including the famous Vasa Museum.
  • We'll visit this famous navigation museum that looks after the Vasa, a seventeenth-century ship. Having sunk in 1628 during its maiden voyage, in the second half of the 20 century it was located, brought to the surface and scrupulously returned to its former glory.

Good to know
  • Space is limited, so please book early. 
  • The tour involves a lot of walking. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. 
  • This tour is not recommended for guests with mobility problems.
  • Wheelchairs and pushchairs are not allowed inside palaces and museums. 
  • This tour includes a basket lunch prepared by our ship staff.