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In a nutshell

Who said Norway is just fjords? We reach the area of Sarnes and discover the incredible flavour of the prized meat of king crabs fished directly from Norwegian waters.

Main stops
  • Sarnes
  • King crabs
  • Tasting of king crabs prepared according to local tradition

The programme
  • Today we will discover a typical and special delicacy of this area: the giant king crab. It was introduced into the Barents Sea by Russian scientists in the 1960s. In these waters the crustacean proliferated, moving rapidly west, so much so that today it has even colonised the north coast of Norway. As there are millions of these crabs, it is feared that their impact on the ecosystem could be disastrous and so controlled fishing is permitted.
  • We reach Sarnes where we find the king crabs that are kept in pools or special cages before being picked to be cooked and served inside a lavvo, the traditional Lapp tent, where they are accompanied by bread, butter and coffee heated on the fire.
  • We taste the crab and discover its delicious meat, which is similar to lobster; unsurprisingly, it is sold on the market at a high price.
  • We will also learn other things about this animal: it can live for 30 years, measure up to 2 metres claw to claw and weigh 10 kilos. However the majority of those caught weigh less, between 3 and 7 kilos. The wonderful meat of the legs and claws is particularly succulent and has a sweet flavour. One leg is enough to satisfy an adult appetite. Just one claw is enough to satisfy an adult appetite!
  • After this succulent lunch we take the coach back to the ship.

Good to know
  • Places on this excursion are limited. We recommend booking early.
  • Guests who are allergic to crustaceans cannot participate.