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In a nutshell
With this tour we really won't miss a thing: an ancient trade path, an alpine farm, huts, rivers and lakes. From Vollset to Flo, a 360° experience among the norvegian fjords.

Main stops
  • Vollset, Hellesylt, the river Bygdeelva and Vollster farm
  • Traditional alpine huts and mountain lakes immersed in pristine natural scenery
  • The Stryn road and lake
  • Lake Djupvatn and the panoramic view point on mount Dalsnibba
  • Flo and its fruit trees
  • A photo stop at Flydal gorge
  • imposing mountains and glaciers and splendid natural landscapes
  • Geiranger

The programme
  • Our excursion starts at Vollset, taking us all the way to Flo along one of the main roads once used for commerce between Sunnmøre, the Nordfjord and the eastern regions, between the coastal towns and those situated inland, starting in the Middle Ages. Goods were carried on one's shoulder or on horseback as the atmospheric conditions meant that the paths were almost impassable and alternative forms of transport could not be trusted.
  • From Hellesylt we follow the course of the river Bygdeelva and head towards the Vollster farm, which sits approximately 250 metres above sea level.
  • From here we proceed on foot.
  • Along the path we will see three seter (traditional mountain farm huts) and numerous mountain lakes, reaching a maximum altitude of 550 metres above sea level
  • During the climb we will make a brief stop to admire the Stryn lake, which reflects the imposing mountains of Skåla and Lofjellet and several smaller glaciers.
  • We then descend down the path in the direction of Flo, an enchanting village sprinkled with fruit trees.
  • Here we will board the coach once more and continue our trip along the banks of the 15 km-long Stryn lake, which is famous for its turquoise reflections. The new Stryn mountain road passes through several tunnels making it accessible even during the winter season.
  • Having reached the shore opposite the mountains, we continue west along the banks of lake Djupvatn. At its furthest point, we turn and take a steep toll road to reach the panoramic view point of Dalsnibba.
  • Having admired the unforgettable landscape that the observation point offers us, we descend to Geiranger, making a stop for photos at the Flydal Gorge.

Good to know
  • Places on this excursion are limited. We recommend booking early.
  • We recommend you wear sturdy shoes that are suitable for walking.
  • We recommend that you bring a wind-proof jacket as the mountain air can be cold even on a sunny day.
  • The excursion will take less than 3 hours.
  • This excursion is not recommended for guests with mobility problems.
  • For safety reasons, if the road to Mount Dalsnibba is closed or covered by snow, an alternative panoramic view point will be suggested depending on weather conditions.
  • Participants will rejoin the ship at Geiranger.