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    Panorama, PasseparTour, Nature

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The environs of Kristiansand are full of surprises and secrets, all to be discovered: ancient churches, picturesque hamlets, museums and coastal landscapes, which are there for the taking.

What we will see
  • Coach trip
  • Centre of Kristiansand, fortress of Christiansholm, harbour, church of Oddernes
  • Vest Agder Open Air Museum, Søgne, church of Søgne, Høllen

What we will do
  • We will board our coach and immediately head to the centre of Kristiansand, in the direction of the various areas to appreciate the city's architecture, with the ancient wood houses, typical of the area and those boasting a more modern design.
  • Continuing on, we will discover the fortress of Christiansholm surrounded by a splendid park, the harbour and the church of Oddernes, one of the oldest, dedicated to the Patron Saint, Olaf who introduced Christianity into Norway.
  • We will then visit the Vest Agder Open-Air Museum, where we will have the opportunity to delve into this region's past with the ancient dwellings and a glimpse into everyday life.
  • On the way to Søgne, it will then be possible to admire the myriad of small islands which encircle the coast. Once we get to the city, we will visit the church, which was recently freshened up according to both a Renaissance and Baroque style, to then make a final stop in the village ofHøllen where we will take a stroll.
  • We will then return to Kristiansand, where we will be surrounded by an idyllic landscape, a place where many Norwegian families spent their summer holidays.

What you need to know
  • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available.
  • When one of the churches is being used for religious ceremonies, our tour will be limited to the exterior of the building.