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  • Niveau af vanskeligheder


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    Panorama, Nature, Meal included

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  • Varighed i timer


  • Udflugtskode



An unmissable excursion through the breathtaking scenery of the Norwegian fjords and the surreal atmosphere in the villages nestled between the mountains, concluding with the famous Trollstigen whose 11 hairpin bends and hair-raising gradient will make the journey indescribably thrilling.

What we will see
  • Romsdalsfjord, Innfjord village and fjord
  • Måndalen, Tresfjord, Skorgedalen, Ørskogfjellet
  • Sjøholt, Storfjord
  • Stordal village: Octagonal Church
  • Norddalsfjord, Valldal village, Gudbrand Gorge
  • Trollstigheimen, Trollstigen ("Trolls' Path") and Trollveggen ("Troll Wall")

What we will do
  • Departing from Åndalsnes and travelling along the Romsdalsfjord (the terminus of the Raumabanen railway line which links the Romsdal region with eastern Norway and the capital, Oslo), we head for Innfjord, at the end of which lies the village of the same name, famous for wood carving and traditional rose painting ("rosemaling").
  • We continue along the road that follows the coastline, passing through Måndalen, on to Tresfjord and then changing direction to climb up to Skorgedalen and on to Ørskogfjellet.
  • Our journey continues through the village of Sjøholt, along the Storfjord, going through small villages like Stordal, famous for its local furniture industry which exports products all over the world.
  • As we cross the valley in Stordal, we pass the charming Octagonal Church which dates back to 1789. After going over the mountain pass, we descend quickly along the Norddalsfjord where we encounter the village of Valldal, famous for its strawberry production.
  • Continuing along the fertile valley, we stop at the spectacular Gudbrand Gorge to take photographs, before climbing higher up the mountain beyond the tree-line.
  • Then we arrive at one of the main attractions of the Åndalsnes region , the Trollstigen or "Trolls' Path", a breathtaking road closed to traffic in winter which descends into the valley from Trollstigheimen with 11 incredible hairpin bends, a 12% gradient and a single lane for almost the entire route.
  • Before reaching the end of our tour, we make a quick diversion to admire the "Troll Wall" or Trollveggen (first climbed by an Anglo-Norwegian roped party in 1958), the tallest vertical rock face in Europe (915 metres) and a popular destination for climbing enthusiasts from all over the world.

What you need to know
  • Places on this excursion are limited. We recommend booking early.
  • We recommend that you wear suitable clothing in the event of inclement weather.