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In a nutshell

The millenary history of Nicosia and the extraordinary archaeological site of Choirokoitia, one of the most important Neolithic settlement in the world: from the Neolithic to the Byzantines to the Venetian era and beyond, discover the ancient heritage of art and culture of the Cypriot capital and its surroundings.

Main stops

  • Neolithic Settlement of Choirokoitia
  • Lefkara village

The programme
  • Comfortably seated on a coach, we will head towards the Neolithic Settlement of Choirokoitia, which has been declared a UNESCO Heritage Site. Approximately 7,000 B.C. a civilization existed on the island of Cyprus, which built round homes made of stone, choosing hillsides away from shore to safeguard against raids from pirates. Excavations at the settlement of Khirokitia have brought to light one of the most important Neolithic cultures in the world complete with a defense wall, circular houses, tombs and many stone utensils. The fascinating reconstructed model houses at the bottom of the hill give the visitor a very clear picture of how the settlement looked in antiquity.
  • At the end of the visit, we will continue on to the picturesque village of Lefkara, which steeped in history, is famous for its lace and embroideries. Leonardo Da Vinci visited the village buying an altar cloth, which he donated to the Milan Cathedral. Richard the Lionheart on his way to the Third Crusade deposed of the self - proclaimed emperor of Cyprus taking possession of the island in 1191 marrying Berengaria of Navarre in Limassol where she was crowned Queen of England. Her wedding dress was made of lace from Lefkara.  
  • Before returning to Limassol, we will take a stroll through the narrow streets lined with small boutiques and shops and enjoy the ambience of the place.

Good to know

  • This tour is not recommended for guests with mobility problems.