TOUR OF ISTANBUL on monday (with Topkapi Palace)

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In a nutshell A tour that takes us to visit some of the most famous and characteristic places and buildings of the Turkish city, during which we delve into the history and traditions of this splendid city and discover its most precious treasures, kept inside a sumptuous residence of the sultans overlooking the Bosphorus.

Main stops
  • Located at the point where the Golden Horn flows into the Bosphorus, straddling two continents, Asia and Europe, Istanbul is considered one of the most famous and fascinating cities in the world.
  • A great metropolis throughout the course of its ancient history, it was the capital of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire in turn and has retained the most significant evidence of every era, despite the troubled vicissitudes suffered over the centuries.
  • An exciting tour to discover the architectural, historical and artistic wonders of Istanbul. The itinerary in fact touches the places of greatest interest and allows us to immerse ourselves and savor the magical atmosphere of this fabulous city.
  • We visit the famous Blue Mosque, one of the most important landmarks in Istanbul, with its imposing domes, wonderful gardens and six tall and slender minarets and with richly decorated interiors with blue and blue majolica.
  • In the immediate vicinity we see a few remains that have come down to us from the ancient Hippodrome, for long centuries the beating heart of public life in the city.
  • We then admire the imposing Topkapi Palace, splendidly overlooking the water, which houses the precious treasure of the sultan.
  • This exclusive tour also includes a visit to the very famous and refined Harem of the Palace, where the sultan's private apartments are located.
  • The last stop of the tour takes us to one of the most characteristic and folkloristic places of the city: the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world, a labyrinth of very spectacular streets and lanes, a real city within the city dedicated to trade.
  • This magical excursion through the capital also includes a pleasant lunch break at a luxury hotel.

The programme
  • Blue Mosque
  • Racecourse
  • Topkapi Palace and its harem
  • Grand Bazaar

Good to know
  • The excursion takes place mainly on foot; it is therefore recommended to wear comfortable shoes.
  • We recommend clothing suitable for the places of worship visited.
  • To enter the mosque, it is mandatory to cover the shoulders and legs (up to the knees) and remove the shoes.
  • For the visit to the mosque shoulders and knees must be covered. Women must enter with their heads covered.
  • Every Friday morning, until 2.30 pm, the Blue Mosque, the Suleymaniye Mosque and the New Mosque will remain closed.
  • During the month of Ramadan, the Blue Mosque may be closed to the public. In this case, a visit to another historic mosque will be made.
  • On Sundays, as well as during religious celebrations, the covered part of the Grand Bazaar is closed.
  • Some parts of the building may be temporarily under renovation and closed to the public.
  • The Topkapi Palace will be closed in the morning until 13.00.