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In a nutshell

Get ready to explore the hidden side of St Vincent through the eyes of the captain of your boat, who will help you spot dolphins and, with a bit of luck, even whales, and reveal all the secrets of the La Soufrière volcano. You'll get to understand the relationship between the inhabitants of St Vincent and their hot-tempered neighbor, and you'll have a unique opportunity to see, smell, and be told first hand about the consequences of the giant awakening.

Main stops
  • Leeward coast of St Vincent from the boat
  • Dolphin and whale spotting
  • La Soufrière volcano

The programme
  • Hop on the boat and let the captain and a local guide take you on a trip to discover the north coast of St Vincent: their island.
  • Along the way, they'll tell you everything about the villages, beaches and other attractions along the shoreline that will draw your attention.
  • From a certain point onwards, however, it's best to keep your eyes on the sea. These waters are rich in marine life and your captain knows them like no other: there's an excellent chance of seeing bottlenose or striped dolphins frolicking near the boat.​
  • And if you are lucky, you may even see some whale dolphins, humpback whales and sperm whales.
  • What you'll definitely see from the boat, in completely safety, is La Soufrière: the active volcano which, with its most recent explosive eruption, reshaped this section of the island.
  • Can you imagine this verdant island completely gray? That's what happened in April 2021, when the colossal explosion darkened the sky as far as Barbados: in some areas, the blanket of ash was up to 20 cm thick!

Good to know
  • Slight changes may be made to itineraries and the length of excursions in order to protect your health and to comply with regulations and the safety protocol.
  • You'll be accompanied by an English-speaking guide.