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    Culture & local gems, My Explorations, From 1 to 3 hours walking, Certified guide

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In a nutshell

Are you or would you like to become a fan of Greek and Latin civilization? This visit to the archaeological museum and the Miletus excavations is exactly what you need. In the cradle of modern philosophy and urban planning, you can easily imagine the sight of the grand theater filled with 25,000 spectators, the crowd shouting from the steps of the stadium or men enjoying the rituals of the spa 2000 years ago.

Main stops
  • Miletus
  • Archaeological Museum of Miletus
  • Free time for shopping in Kuşadasi

The programme
  • You can look forward to visiting the excavations of one of the most thriving cities in antiquity and, even if you only did a day of philosophy at school you'll have heard of this name: the Miletus school was the first school of thought as we understand it today.
  • Its grid-shaped plan, designed by the architect Hyppodamus, was also destined to set a trend that was copied almost everywhere in the Western world.
  • The grand theater was enlarged by the Romans and provides an excellent view of what was once the Bay of Lions, so called because two stone lions guarded the entrance to the port.
  • A short distance from here is the agora and what remains of the bouleuterion, the seat of the city council. Finally the Faustina Baths built by Marcus Aurelius for his wife, are very well preserved.
  • In the open air archaeological museum you'll see remains from Miletus, Priene and Didyma. The highlights include the statue of the god Meander and others that were on the holy road connecting Didyma and Miletus.