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In a nutshell

The temple of Artemis in Ephesus was the second wonder of the ancient world. Its remains were used to build the Basilica of St. John, that houses the tomb of the Evangelist, and the İsa Bey Mosque. Don't worry, you'll understand more about this and other events at the Ephesus Archaeological Museum. There will also be time to delve into the local crafts so you can take home a few typical souvenirs.

Main stops
  • Ephesus: Basilica of St. John and Archaeological Museum
  • İsa Bey Mosque and Temple of Artemis (external visit)
  • Stop in a local craft shop

The programme
  • The bus will take you to Selçuk, where you'll visit the remains of the Basilica of St. John, built in the 6th century by Justinian on the tomb of the apostle.
  • A short distance from here is an opportunity to take pictures of the İsa Bey Mosque, a perfect example of architecture from the time of the beyliks or Turkish principalities of Anatolia.
  • At the Ephesus Archaeological Museum, you'll get a sense of the great splendor of this city in ancient times. The highlight is the statue of Artemis* recovered from the great temple dedicated to the goddess: daughter of Zeus, twin sister of Apollo and protector of nature, births and harvests.
  • Finally you'll see what remains of the one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The Temple of Artemis was twice the size of the Parthenon in Athens: Its stones and marble were used to build the Basilica of St. John and the İsa Bey Mosque, amongst others.
* Before heading back to İzmir, you'll stop off in a souvenir shop: take the opportunity to bring home some beautiful local handicraft, such as the traditional olive oil soaps: a must for Turkish bath connoisseurs.