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In a nutshell

From a fishing village to an essential destination for the local jet set: Alaçati has all the ingredients for a perfect Turkish postcard. You'll stroll along its cobbled streets, among colorful cafés and bohemian boutiques. You'll discover why the church of Agios Konstantinos is now a mosque and sip a “sakizli kahve” in a tea room with some typical local cookies.

Main stops
  • Tour of Alaçati
  • Church of Agios Constantinos
  • Refreshment in a traditional tea room
  • Photo stop on Alaçati bay

The programme
  • A few miles south-east of Çeşme, in the province of Smirne, is a little village of white houses with pastel colored window frames that couldn't be more chic.
  • Walk along Kemalpaşa Caddesi, the main street in Alaçati, mixing with the wealthy visitors from Istanbul who like to have their second homes around here. Admire the enclosed wooden balconies, known as “cumba” in Turkish, and the stone windmills that made full use of the strong winds blowing from the Aegean.
  • This was once a Greek village. And even the mosque was once a church called Agios Konstantinos, built in 1874: you'll visit it in the company of a guide who will explain what happened after World War I.
  • In a traditional tea room you'll be served cookies that are exclusive to this region and a cup of sakizli kahve, or coffee flavored with mastic: a resin obtained from the mastic tree, with a slightly bitter but refreshing flavor.
  • On the way back there will be a short stop for you to select panoramic mode and take a few souvenir photos of Alaçati Bay.

Good to know
  • If you wish to enter the mosque, remember that you are required to cover your shoulders and your legs down to your knees, and remove your shoes.
  • No photography is allowed inside the mosque.