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In a nutshell

Start with an excursion to discover the history and architecture of the city of Trieste and then travel to Muggia Bay, a characteristic Venetian-style town and an ancient fishing village.

Main stops
  • Panoramic tour of Trieste
  • San Giusto Cathedral
  • Trieste's old town: Grand Canal, historic buildings, Greek Orthodox Church (external visit), Piazza della Borsa and Piazza Unità d'Italia,
  • Muggia, ancient fishing village

The programme
  • Trieste is the birthplace of confetti, invented by the well-known nuclear physics engineer Ettore Fenderl, when he was a child.
  • On the sightseeing bus tour you will be able to see the Cathedral of San Giusto, with its panoramic view, the Grand Canal, a navigable canal built in 1754-1756 by the Venetian Matteo Pirona, which is overlooked by palaces and residences once inhabited by the rich merchants of the past, an Orthodox church, Piazza della Borsa and Piazza Unità d'Italia, the elegant 'sitting room* of Trieste.
  • By the way, coffees all have special names here: an espresso is a “nero”, a macchiato is a “capo” and a “gocciato” just has a drop of milk foam in the center of the cup.
  • Now you're in the ancient fishing village of Baia di Muggia. You'll notice a Venetian atmosphere not only in the architecture but also in the dialect, customs and culinary traditions. A stroll through the characteristic “calli” or narrow streets of the old town is a must here.

Good to know
  • Wear suitable clothing for the places of worship you will be visiting.
  • On Sundays and religious festivals, the visit to the cathedral will be limited to the outside.
  • Slight changes may be made to itineraries and the length of excursions to protect your health and to comply with regulations and the safety protocol.