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In a nutshell

A walk to discover the traditional flavours and hidden treasures of Civitavecchia.A tour with a complete discovery ofCivitavecchia, its ancient history and its great monuments, a walk through theheart of the streets and neighborhoods revealing its traditions of the past.

Main stops
  • Piazza Aurelio Saffi and Church of Orazione

  • Leandra Square and the Church of the Star

  • Ghetto district

  • Local Market

  • Michelangelo’s Fortress

  • Tasting of localproducts

  • Marina

The programme
  • The town of Civitavecchia is theresult of a long process of civilization and urbanization of the Lazio region.Vestiges of the ancient passages like the Port of Traiano and the city ofCentumcellae are the most important examples. The history of this city lies onthe sea, winding through the narrow streets that we will discover accompaniedby our guide.
  • We will start the tour ofCivitavecchia from the walls of the city, before reaching Piazza Aurelio Saffi and PrayerChurch that can be admired from the outside. This church, the oldest ofCivitavecchia, was built in 1685 and is known as 'Church of Death'because it is linked to the birth and to the work of the Brotherhood of Deathand Prayer.
  • A few steps further ahead of us thecharacteristic Piazza Leandra overlookedby the Church of the Star which isfamous because here is where all the religious celebrations of Civitavecchiacame to life. This church, also called the Church of the Virgin of Grace, isdedicated to the Madonna delle Grazie, it is the seat of the Confraternity ofthe Banner.
  • Of course we cannot miss a visit tothe city market, with its flavorsand colors which give a special touch to our walk.
  • Proceeding along the main street, wewill pass the Teatro Trajan (builtin the first half of the nineteenth century in honor of the founder of theTyrrhenian city) until you get to the Ghettoarea. Although this area was designed to accommodate people of Jewishreligion, hence the name 'Ghetto', however, the Jews did not inhabitthese since the houses intended for them were occupied by the fishermen'sfamilies in the city.
  • Leaving the neighborhood behind us, wewill find in front of us the Marina,or the beautiful waterfront of Civitavecchia, the imposing FortressMichelangelo, begun in 1508 and was completed in 1537: a local tradition whichwould be completed by a male, which is the main tower of the fortress, it wasdesigned by Michelangelo Buonarroti, from which came the name of Michelangelofortress.
  • We will have a few more minutes totake pictures, before you enjoy a relaxing tasting.
  • A few steps away there will be ashuttle bus provided to get back to the ship.

Good to know
  • This excursion is entirely onfoot.