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In a nutshell

How is Búzios seen through the eyes of the legendary actress? Discover it among the colorful fishing boats, the architecture with a colonial flavor and the tropical postcard beaches: you will return with a gallery that will leave your followers, cinema enthusiasts and others heartbroken, and without mentioning the selfie next to the legendary diva. And finally you will discover how Praia dos Ossos got its name.

Main stops
  • Orla Bardot Waterfront
  • Stop along the beaches of Armaçao, dos Ossos, Sour and Azeda
  • Church of Saint Anne

The programme
  • During the early 60s, there was only a village of fishermen, only surfers looking for the perfect wave came here. But then one day she arrived, Brigitte Bardot, cinema and sensuality icon and Búzios became the Carioca Saint-Tropez.
  • You are on the Orla Bardot waterfront, which starts from the beach of Armação. Look toward the sea: you will see Ilha do Caboclo, ancient pirate cove, just like she saw it.
  • If at some point you think you see Brigitte Bardot, in jeans and a mariner shirt, sitting in front of the ocean, it is not a mirage: it is the famous statue of the star inviting you to take a selfie with her.
  • The people of Instagram want more? Here, not far from the hyper-realistic sculpture of the three fisherman pulling the nets.
  • Praia dos Ossos means “beach of the bones”: it got this name because a long time ago, it was a whaler station where whale bones were processed.
  • The best views of the entire coast can be seen, instead, from the Church of Saint Anne, the oldest in Buzios.
  • Along the beach of Azeda, you will once again think about Brigitte, beautiful, carefree and bold: you have already understood why these locations gave her back a joy for living.