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In a nutshell A marvellous excursion between history and nature in the surroundings of Kristiansand to discover the characteristic coastal village along panoramic roads offering breathtaking views surrounded by typical Norwegian landscape made up of rivers, fjords and lakes as far as the Ravnedalen Nature Park where the union between man and nature is celebrated among stretches of greenery and plants. An experience not to be missed!

Main stops
  • Posebyen, the oldest part of the city, and Kvadraturen
  • Village of Søgne and ancient wooden parish church
  • Stop for photos at the Høllen fishing village
  • Return to Kristiansand along the North Sea panoramic road
  • Ravnedalen Nature Park

The programme
  • We start our tour of Kristiansand by leaving the port on a coach and driving through the famous Posebyen, the oldest part of the city made up of characteristic right-angle alleyways forming the so-called Kvadraturen*, i.e. “Quadrilateral”, and low wooden houses. The name “Posebyen” derives from the French ’reposer’*, meaning to rest: at the time, in fact, French was the language used by the soldiers who used to live there. The district has preserved its characteristic Renaissance square layout.
  • After driving along a panoramic road as well as the motorway, we reach the picturesque village of Søgne located in the Vest-Agder county and head towards the ancient parish church completed in around 1640 and mainly made of wood.
  • We then move on to the fishing village of Høllen on the estuary of the river Søgneelva where we stop to take photos and capture the amazing coastal scenery made up of a myriad of islands.
  • We get back on our coach to return to Kristiansand on the marvellous panoramic road stretching along the North Sea and providing spectacular views of the typical Norwegian fjords, rivers and lakes.
  • Once in Kristiansand, the last stop on our tour awaits us: a guided tour of the Ravnedalen Nature Park located north-west of the city and established between 1874 and 1878 by General Oscar Wergeland. This park was originally a swamp and boasts various panoramic views, lakes, expanses of green and a large variety of flowers and plants and is also one of the most popular in Kristiansand.
  • After our guided tour and before returning to the ship, we have some time for a stop at Café Generalen inside the park where we are served coffee and waffles.

Good to know
  • There is limited availability of Italian speaking guides; if none are available, the excursion will be conducted in English.