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    Culture & local gems, Less than 1 hour walking

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In a nutshell

A tour by miniature train and on foot deep inside the earth to admire the natural spectacle of the karst formations in the Postumia caves. You'll feel a bit like Indiana Jones among the stalactites and stalagmites.

Main stops
  • Postumia caves: stalactites and stalagmites, spaghetti and stone waves
  • Gothic Hall, Dance Hall, Spaghetti Hall, White Hall, Red Hall, Concert Hall, Big House Hall

The programme
  • From Trieste, we'll head for Postumia in Slovenia, globally renowned for its caves carved into the rock that extend for over 20 kilometers. As the miniature electric train descends below ground, you'll come across the phenomenal karst formations: stalactites and stalagmites of all shapes and sizes, creating evocative lights and shadows.
  • Every room is more beautiful that the last. Accompanied by our specialized guide, you'll visit the Gothic Hall, the Dance Hall, the Spaghetti Hall and the Concert Hall. The star feature of the Spaghetti Hall is the fine spaghetti-like calcite filaments, in the Dance Hall Murano glass lampshades hang from the ceiling, the Concert Hall is so big that in 2012 it hosted the Basketball Euroleague match and has held concerts of every kind.
  • Ready for some adrenaline? You'll cross the Russian bridge, a bridge suspended in the dark abyss of the caves that leads to the Beautiful Caves.
  • There are five kilometers of galleries, walkways and salt until, on foot, you reach the most famous limestone formation, the symbol of the Postumia Caves, the Diamond, a tall glossy white stalagmite that stands around 5 meters tall

Good to know
  • Inside the caves, the air is saturated with humidity and the temperature is 8 °C; we recommend you wear appropriate clothing.
  • The visit itinerary may change due to unforeseeable work in progress.
  • Mobility impaired guests are welcome to remain comfortably seated in the train while the group continues the guided tour.
  • A specialized guide who speaks Italian, English and German is included in the excursion price.
  • The excursion is unsuitable for pregnant women.
  • An identity document is required to cross the border.