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In a nutshell An excursion entirely dedicated to discovering the cultural heritage of Rabaul and of the East New Britain Province made up of native populations performing unique tribal dances, local church choirs and traditional fabric processing methods: an ethnic tour at the end of the world in a land that still needs to be discovered.

Main stops
  • Six traditional dances of the Tolai indigenous people
  • Local church choirs
  • Traditional fabric cooking methods

The programme
  • After disembarking the ship, we spend a few hours discovering Rabaul’s cultural heritage.
  • First of all, we attend six traditional dance performances by the Tolai people from the Rabaul district in the East New Britain Province. *Tribal dances are a an explosion of colour and happiness to the rhythm of typical music, where performers wear make up and decorate their bodies with leaves, feathers, shells, crocodile teeth, etc.
  • We see the whip dance and snake dance followed by the “Alor” mask dance (which means “skull”), the Kulau dance and another two traditional dances, that of men and that of women.
  • Afterwards, we have some more time to get to know other aspects of the island’s culture and traditions as we listen to a choir from one of the local churches and see how fabric is traditionally cookedwith coconut leaves.
  • After the cultural tour of Rabaul and with the lively images of the tribal dances still fresh in our minds, we return to the ship.

Good to know
  • The tour is available every day except Sundays.
  • During the tour, information are provided in English.
  • The excursion occurs mainly on even ground.
  • Do not forget to bring an umbrella, waterproof jacket, water and local currency.
  • All plastic waste must be disposed of in specific bags.