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In a nutshell A memorable excursion to discover and experience what the Norwegians call “Friluftsliv”, i.e. life in the fresh air. A true philosophy, a lifestyle in harmony with the rhythms of nature. What better occasion to understand this concept if not a reinvigorating guided walk along the trails around Bodø? Surrounded by majestic mountains, rushing waters and historic venues, our mind and spirit cannot but benefit from such an experience in direct contact with nature.

Main stops
  • Guided walk on the trails around Bodø surrounded by nature
  • Majestic mountains, rugged coastline, clear waters
  • Sites of historic and cultural interest: Viking tombs, a Second World War prison camp and the outdoor coastal museum

The programme
  • We get ready to embark on a different experience than usual - a unique excursion that enables us to discover what the Norwegians traditionally call “Friluftsliv”, i.e. life in the fresh air. This means not only activities in the open-air surrounded by nature in all seasons, but it is a true philosophy, a question of identity, a sense of belonging and pride, a lifestyle in harmony with the rhythms of nature, total devotion to the environment.
  • Thanks to its geographical position, Bodø, a “green lung” along one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, is perfect for the “Friluftsliv” experience.
  • Together with expert guides, we venture on a reinvigorating stroll through the surroundings of Bodø along trails immersed in nature along the rugged coast and surrounded by majestic mountains and clear seas that stimulate our senses and convey a pleasant sensation of peace and tranquillity. If necessary, we are also given walking sticks to better tackle the itinerary.
  • During our walk, we also get the chance to admire sites of great historic and cultural interest such as Viking tombs, a Second World War prisoner camp and an open-air coastal museum that contribute to making this experience truly memorable.

Good to know
  • We recommend wearing suitable shoes, a jacket and a scarf.
  • This excursion is not recommended for guests with limited mobility.