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    Active & adventurous, Less than 1 hour walking

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In a nutshell An unmissable excursion to discover the magnificent Nordic landscape with a thrilling train ride from Bodø to Rognan along the amazing Skjerstad fjord to admire the wild unspoilt nature of this region and let ourselves be enchanted by the power of the Saltstraumen mälström.

Main stops
  • Train ride from Bodø to Rognan along the Skjerstad fjord: magnificent Norwegian scenery
  • Coffee break in a café on a goat farm
  • Visit to the Blood Road Museum in Rognan: history of the prisoners of war
  • Return journey by coach across the mountains as far as Misvær
  • Stop at Saltstraumen strait to admire the mälström

The programme
  • We start our excursion in Bodø by boarding a characteristic local train and proceeding along the amazing 40 km long Skjerstad fjord in the Nordland county.
  • Before arriving in Rognan, we admire the magnificent Norwegian scenery appearing before our eyes and we stop for a coffee break in a small café on a goat farm where goats graze in spring.
  • Once in Rognan, part of the Saltdal municipality, we head to the Blood Road Museum 2 km from the city n centre and part of the Saltdal Museum. The Blood Road Museum tells the stories of the lives and hard work of prisoners of war (mainly from Eastern Europe) sent here to build roads and railways between 1942 and 1945 under Nazi rule. The museum is located within a former German barracks and also describes the inhumane conditions in which prisoners were forced to live.
  • After visiting the museum, we make our way back to Bodø by coach across the mountains as far as Misvær, a picturesque village at the end of the fjord with the same name in Nordland county.
  • Before returning to the ship, we enjoy one last stop: the Saltstraumen strait ten km from Bodø to admire the famous mälström, a unique natural phenomenon made up of a series of vortexes formed by the union of water currents at the start of Salstraumen fjord.
  • Every 6 hours, four times a day, over 400 million cubic metres of water flow through a passage that is 150 metres wide, 3 km long and 25 metres deep creating currents that reach a maximum speed of around 15 knots. The powerful whirlpool can reach a diameter of 10 metres and be 5 metres deep.
  • After this last thrilling experience, we return to Bodø.

Good to know
  • Conditions permitting,you can walk down to the water’s edge to see the phenomena up close if the timing is right.