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In a nutshell An unforgettable excursion ranging from natural landscapes and Nordic culture to a visit to the Arctic Circle Centre to understand the magic phenomena such as the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun and an encounter with the Samis to learn more about their culture and lifestyle. A thoroughly memorable opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in the spirit of the extreme north!

Main stops
  • Coach trip to the Arctic Circle - Nordic landscapes and clip on Sami culture
  • Visit to the Arctic Circle Centre at the Saltfjellet massif
  • Welcoming ceremony and clip on Arctic natural phenomenons
  • Encounter with a typical Sami family
  • Typical Sami lunch with bidos, the reindeer stew
  • Visit to the National Park Centre in Storjord
  • ADDE Art Gallery: paintings of reindeer and scenes of everyday Sami life

The programme
  • We leave the port of Bodø by coach headed to the Arctic Circle. Our guide describes the natural scenery and the history of the various places along the way, also providing an explanation of the Northern Lights phenomenon typical at this latitude. Before we get there, we are also shown a videoclip on Sami culture and on the populations living in the county of Nordland.
  • The first stop is at the Arctic Circle Centre on the Saltfjellet massif where, after a short welcoming ceremony, we are shown a videoclip on Arctic light phenomenons (Northern Lights and Midnight Sun) and are given a certificate attesting our crossing of the Arctic Circle.
  • After visiting the Arctic Circle Centre, we move on to meet a typical Sami family living in the north part of Saltfjellet mountain. Samis are an indigenous population, but they also live in Sweden, Finland and Russia. We also seize the opportunity to see the reindeer in the enclosure.
  • Before heading to the National Park Centre in Storjord, the last stop on our tour, we enjoy a typical Sami lunch featuring bidos, a stew made with carrots, potatoes and reindeer meat.
  • After lunch, we make our way to the National Park Centre in Storjord where we take part in a guided tour of the Centre and of the ADDE Art Gallery, inaugurated in 2013 and displaying numerous paintings depicting reindeer and scenes of everyday Sami life.
  • After visiting the National Park Centre, we return to Bodø.