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    Sightseen, Less than 1 hour walking

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In a nutshell Made up of almost 200 km of mountains plunging into the sea, the Lofoten islands are home to unexpected marvels. When sailing along these granite walls, it is difficult to imagine the lush vegetation of the valleys in the interior or the lovely villages and fishing towns that populate them. Among them, Reine is a true revelation.

Main stops

  • The town of Leknes
  • Nappstraumen undersea tunnel
  • Enchanting seaside village of Reine
  • Typical rorbuers: fishermen’s cottages
  • Breathtaking views of the North Sea
  • Einangen (photostop)
  • View of the majestic Buksnesfjord

The programme

  • Our tour begins in Leknes on the island of Vestvågøy, the largest in the Lofoten archipelago. This rapidly-growing town stands out from the others nearby due to its economy and urban layout - agriculture is in fact just as important as fishing and the centre is not directly overlooking the sea, making it undoubtedly unique compared to the other fishing towns nearby. It central position within the Lofoten archipelago provides additional charm to a magnificently unique location.
  • After a short coach journey, we cross the Nappstraumen undersea tunnel near Napp. It unwinds beneath the sea at a maximum depth of 63 metres and connects the islands of Vestvågøya and Flakstadøya along the road linking Leknes to our enchanting destination - Reine. The famous lovely fishing town located near the fjord of the same name is nestled at the foothills of the Lofoten mountains creating a breathtaking landscape - the warmth and colour of the houses that used to be inhabited by fishermen are in stark contrast with the surrounding steep peaks and cliffs. Reine is a perfect example of local traditional architecture partially converted into modern cottages locally known as rorbuer.
  • On the way back to Vestvågøy, we cut through the administrative centre of the island and then continue up towards Hagskaret, from where we can enjoy breathtaking views over the North Sea and Vestfjord, between the Lofoten Islands and the mainland.
  • We descend towards the fjord as far as Sennesvik to rise once again to Einangen, another famous viewpoint. Before returning to the ship we make another stop for photos to admire the Buksnesfjord stretching out before our eyes.