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In a nutshell A journey back in time on the footsteps of Estonia’s Soviet heritage in the company of a unique guide who will re-enact period events, illustrate exhilarating anecdotes about everyday life in the USSR and make this experience realistic and evocative.

Main stops
  • Meeting with our guide at the port: “comrade” Jerjomin
  • Soviet-style welcome
  • Tour of the city on an authentic Soviet coach
  • Stop at the Suur Tõll icebreaker
  • View over the Soviet prison and stories about life in the USSR
  • Tallinn city centre
  • Maarjamäe memorial

The programme
  • Once off the ship, we are welcomed by comrade Jerjomin from the Soviet militia or by his assistant with the typical attitude of frontier soldiers in charge of disembarkations.
  • Fully identified with his role, he shows us with great realism how tourists were treated in the USSR - everyone had to queue for passport checks, was scrutinized with a frown and was subjected to a myriad of overly-suspicious questions.
  • We board an authentic Soviet coach taking us back in time as our guide Jerjomin clears his throat with a gulp of vodka and a few pickles!
  • We stop by the Suur Tõll Icebreaker anchored in the port and now a museum. From here, we can observe the outline of the old Soviet prison bearing unsettling memories of the regime. Jerjomin cheers up the atmosphere with some fun anecdotes about everyday life in Soviet times with episodes taken from his personal experience as well as interesting considerations on Estonia’s USSR heritage.
  • Once back on our coach, we cross the historic city centre of Tallinn, which preserves its Medieval charm intact, thanks also to a skilful restoration of its architectural gems.
  • We reach the Maarjamäe Memorial which started out as a German war cemetery and was then turned by the Soviets into a memorial for those killed during the Second World War.
  • As we look around, we enjoy a Soviet snack on our coach - Jerjomin offers us a slice of cake and a typical local beverage that reminds him of his youth.
  • On the way back, our fun guide teaches us old Soviet songs and a few words in Estonian before bidding us farewell when we reach the port.

Good to know
  • Minimum age: 4 years.
  • The coach is a period vehicle on which we are served a Soviet snack.
  • Space is limited, so please reserve early.