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In a nutshell

Become Genoese for a whole day. A breakfast of “cappuccino and focaccia”, a tour of “Caste”, the belvedere at Spianata Castelletto and an unmissable visit to Boccadasse for ice-cream. Awaiting you in the 16th-century Imperial Palace there will also be a private brunch, also very Genoese!

Main stops
  • Photo stop at the Spianata Castelletto belvedere
  • House of Christopher Columbus and Ducal Palace: external visit
  • Cathedral Towers and Museum of San Lorenzo, old town
  • Tribuna del Doge and Loggia
  • Brunch at the Imperial Palace
  • Boccadasse fishing village
  • La Lanterna: Genoa's symbolic lighthouse

The programme
  • With our guide reach the Spianata Castelletto belvedere. Here you'll find the whole of Genoa before you: the old city, the slate-roofed houses, towers and Baroque domes.
  • Next we're off to discover the distinctive “caruggi”: the narrow streets of the old town. You'll see the house of Christopher Columbus and the Ducal Palace, the former residence of the Doge.
  • Take a purely Genoese break! A traditional breakfast of cappuccino and salted focaccia. In Genoa it's a must! You will then visit the Towers of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, and the nearby Treasure Museum, which holds the “Sacro Catino”, believed to be the same as the plate used by Jesus at the Last Supper.
  • You will then climb up the Doge's Tribune to the Loggia.
  • For lunch, a gourmet brunch awaits you at the Imperial Palace, with many local specialties, such as trofie with pesto. Here you'll also discover the difference between cundigiun and brandacujun.
  • The next stop is Boccadasse, an ancient fishing village in a small bay, surrounded by colourful houses, wooden boats and steep streets known as “creuze”. Ice-cream? Perfect! The best artisan ice-cream from one of the city's historic ice-cream parlors.
  • Before returning to the ship, there's time for one last scenic trip to the Lanterna, the lighthouse that is a symbol of Genoa, and not only for the Genoese.

Good to know
  • Menus may vary according to season to ensure the constant high quality of the dishes served.
  • Before booking the excursion or once on board, contact the excursion office to check the availability of vegetarian or gluten-free dishes and to report any food intolerances.
  • There are 67 steps up to the Doge's Tribune and 93 to the Loggia.
  • This is one of the most popular excursions so book early.