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An engaging excursion to discover the marvels of Aburatsu and its surroundings among history, nature and culture: from the fascinating atmosphere of an ancient castle surrounded by thick vegetation and historical Samurai residences, the marvels of Aoshima island and a lovely park overlooking the ocean to a spectacular shrine in a cave overlooking the sea and enchanting cliffs.

What we will see

  • Fascinating ruins of Obi castle
  • Enchanting island of Aoshima
  • Rock formations along the island’s coast
  • Aoshima-jinja shrine
  • Sun Messe Nichinan park: Moai statue replicas
  • Udo-jingū Shinto shrine in a cave by the sea

What we will do

  • The first stop on our excursion are the ruins of the Obi castle dating back to the 16th century and still fascinating with their moss-covered walls, remains of the moat and the homes of the Samurai which encircle it. We cross through the large gate and walk around the complex with its lush vegetation and numerous large cedar trees.
  • By crossing the bridge that connects it with the mainland, we reach the small yet lovely island of Aoshima surrounded by enchanting rock formations perfectly parallel like small waves and called oni no sentaku ita (literally The Ogre's Washboard).
  • At the centre of the island, we can admire the Aoshima-jinja shrine with its bright red architecture. It is often visited by married couples as it is supposed to bring them good luck.
  • Our next stop is the lovely Sun Messe Nichinan park offering amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and the perfect backdrop to the imposing row of life-size Moai statues - the only place in the world where they are replicated outside of Easter Island.
  • We then reach the Udo-jingū Shinto shrine dedicated to the father of the first mythical Emperor of Japan which nestles inside a cave on the side of a cliff dropping into the sea.
  • We admire the amazing views made up of rocks and coral reefs forming the most unique shapes onto which the ocean waves crash creating a scenario worthy of a photo set.

What you need to know

  • English guides available in limited numbers, we recommend that you book early.