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In a nutshell

A pleasant sightseeing tour of the charming town of Cork leads to a truly unique experience: the visit to an ancient distillery where we embark on a journey through the history of Irish whisky, discover period machinery and traditional production techniques and savour the full round flavour of this exceptional drink.

Main stops
  • Sightseeing tour of Cork
  • Views over Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral and the Town Hall
  • Lively atmosphere in Grand Parade and St. Patrick's Street
  • Stop at the Old Midleton Distillery
  • Tour of the distillery: a journey through the history of whisky
  • The largest still in the world
  • Old restored equipment, interesting exhibitions
  • Whisky tasting session

The programme
  • We board a coach and venture out on a sightseeing tour of Cork, first developed on an islet along the swampy estuary of the River Lee and now a city with a unique character combining influences connected to the jazz and theatre worlds as well as to trade and fashion.
  • During our tour, we admire the Town Hall, an imposing building along the bank of the River Lee and Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral with its Neo-Gothic architecture.
  • We drive along the lively streets of Grand Parade and St. Patrick’s Street, crowded and filled with shops that perfectly convey the city’s special atmosphere.
  • We reach Midelton’s rural part to visit the Old Midleton Distillery which covers almost 4 hectares and was set up in an old abandoned factory with a unique architecture and history.
  • This distillery boasts the largest still in the world with a capacity of just under 120,000 litres and which can still be admired on its original site where it was placed over 150 years ago.
  • We go on a fascinating tour of the distillery representing a true journey through the history of Irish whisky. Illustrated by historic pictures and photographs, audiovisual aids, graphic panels and intriguing exhibitions featuring objects, artefacts and functioning models of all kinds.
  • We have the opportunity to see perfectly-restored ancient machinery and reconstructions that enable us to better understand the phases of whisky production.
  • After our visit, we enjoy a whisky tasting session at the distillery bar, a perfect end to a special day.

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