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Two gardens in one: at Lismore Castle, Mother Nature and its marvellous blooms are the protagonists of an enchanting spectacle that renews itself every season in a different way in the two sections of the park - one is more ancient and with a classic ornamental layout while the other is more recent with surprisingly modern sculptures.

What we will see
  • Walk in the Lismore Castle gardens
  • Lower Garden, more recent and with modern sculptures
  • Upper Garden, the ancient garden
  • Amazing blooms
  • Views of the castle

What we will do
  • We go on a pleasant coach transfer to our destination: the fabulous Lismore Castle gardens, considered the most ancient in all of Ireland covering three hectares and offering amazing views of the castle and surrounding countryside.
  • We enter the Lower Garden, created mainly in the 1800s for the sixth Duke of Devonshire.
  • We stroll among a constellation of shrubs, lawns and trees magnificently arranged in an informal way and find ourselves admiring the modern sculptures adorning the garden, which include two sections of the Berlin wall.
  • We walk along the amazing yew-lined path, much older than the rest of the Lower Garden, and continue to admire the spectacle of nature: from the magnolias and rhododendrons blooming in spring to late-blossoming shrubs - this scenery never ceases to amaze.
  • We move on to the Upper Garden, which is walled and dates back to approximately 1605 when the first Count of Cork commissioned it.
  • We wander along the perfectly traced path immersed in a happy combination of ornamental borders and plots used to grow vegetables, aromatic herbs and flowers destined to the castle kitchen and to embellish the halls.
  • After visiting the garden, we stop on the bridge leading to Lismore Castle to take memorable photographs of its ancient structure before heading back to the ship.

What you need to know
  • Lismore Castle is a private residence and therefore cannot be visited.