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    Panorama, Drink included

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Breathtaking views of the sea, rugged cliffs, charming fishing villages: a scenic route overlooking the sea along the rugged Antrim coast takes us to the heart of an enchanting forest among sinuous gorges and roaring waterfalls for a delicious snack surrounded by the beauty of nature.

What we will see
  • Coach tour of the Antrim coast
  • Larne: a perfect combination of ancient and modern elements
  • Breathtaking views of the coast and valleys
  • Bustling Carnlough seaport
  • Glenariff Forest Park: a spectacle of nature
  • Delicious snack with coffee/tea and fresh scones
  • Return through the hinterland: town of Ballymena

What we will do
  • We leave the port behind us and embark on a thrilling sightseeing tour of County Antrim along the winding coastal road characterised by amazing views of the sea, charming fishing villages, meadows and fertile cultivated land.
  • Along the way, we admire the town of Larne and its perfect combination of ancient and modern elements with the remains of its 16th-century fortress and the modern facilities of a fully-operating seaport.
  • We continue discovering new marvellous landscapes after every bend: on clear days, we can even spot the Mull of Kintyre, the British stretch of coast nearer to the Northern Irish coast.
  • We drive through the port of Carnlough, teeming with elegant yachts and pleasure boats, and reach the Glenariff Forest Park, a lovely natural reserve at the heart of the famous Glens of Antrim, a spectacular system of narrow deep valleys starting from the banks of the lake and radiating to the coast.
  • We venture into the enchanting forest crossed by two marvellous streams generating a series of scenic waterfalls, placid natural pools and tumultuous rapids flowing through narrow gorges and crossed by rustic bridges.
  • Surrounded by the marvels of nature, we stop to enjoy a delicious snack with coffee, tea and freshly-baked scones with clotted cream and jam.
  • We then start making our way back across the hinterland and through the town of Ballymena, one of the most affected by the Northern Irish conflict, then head south to the port and our ship.

What you need to know