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An exciting tour of the main points of interest on the island of Rarotonga, the largest and most densely populated of the Cook Islands, to learn about its history, culture and fascinating legends.

What we will see
  • Cook Islands library and museum: ancient artefacts and weapons, musical section
  • Ngatangiia Harbour: Avana Passage and Seven Stones monument
  • Arai Te Tonga historical site
  • Titikaveka church
  • Papaaroa beach
  • Black Rock: black volcanic rocks immersed in the lagoon

What we will do
  • We will start our tour with a visit to Cook Island Library & Museum, a museum containing a priceless collection of ancient artefacts and intricately engraved weapons. The materials on display include a collection of kitchen tools used in Polynesia over the centuries and a musical section featuring the famous ukulele. The museum consists of two buildings, run by volunteers, whilst you can browse and purchase interesting local publications in the library.
  • The next stop is Ngatangiia Harbour, the port where the migration to New Zealand by canoe began in 1350.
  • We will make a quick stop here at Avana Passage, where the waves are popular with surfers, and at the seven stones monument where we will find a commemorative plaque and a circular collection of seven stones, each representing the canoes that accomplished their mission and reached New Zealand.
  • We will continue our tour with a trip to the Arai Te Tonga historical site, an ancient and sacred meeting place for the local people.
  • Then we will visit Titikaveka church, the oldest church on the island dating back to 1841. Our next stop will be Papaaroa beach, one of the most spectacular in the Cook Islands, where we will be shown how a coconut grows and how to open up this tropical fruit.
  • Our tour will then continue to Black Rock, a beach brimming with black volcanic rocks immersed in the lagoon in Rarotonga, which draw even more attention to the bright white sand and turquoise sea. It is believed that in ancient times this was the departure point for the spirits of the dead crossing over to the afterlife.
  • Our journey will be dotted with old buildings and plantations growing citrus trees, bananas, tapioca and papaya, not to mention many other plants typical of tropical areas.
  • After we have fully appreciated Rarotonga's culture and history, we will return to the port where the ship will be waiting for us.