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    Nature, Fun, Tasting

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An excursion based on nature and relaxation with a visit to the summer farmhouse in Bøstølen to get to know what mountain farms are really like close-up, to see their daily routines, the local food products, animal husbandry, all against the background of the Norwegian mountains. Not to be missed!

What we will see
  • Romsdalsfjord and the village of lnnfjorden
  • Farmhouse in Bøstølen: life in a mountain farmhouse
  • Tasting local dairy products

What we will do
  • Our excursion begins along the road running alongside the Romsdalsfjord (which, at 88 km long, is the ninth longest fjord in Norway) as far as lnnfjorden, a small village in the municipality of Rauma (in the county of Romsdal), situated about 10 km southwest of Åndalsnes and surrounded by spectacular mountains.
  • On leaving the village of lnnfjorden, we’ll venture into a valley surrounded by mountains and sprinkled with cottages, until we reach the farmhouse in Bøstølen.
  • Here we’ll see how life in the typical mountain farms is run, taste freshly made butter and sour cream, listen to the sound of the cow bells and birdsong and taste some traditional Norwegian dishes immersed in a splendid setting.
  • We will be given an explanation of how mountain agriculture in Bøstølen has evolved over the years and how production is carried out today and we’ll be able to visit the cowshed.
  • Before our excursion comes to an end, we’ll be able to stroke the farm animals and taste some local dairy products.