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A splendid excursion sailing on the turquoise water of the Gulf of Cagliari amidst creeks and caves to admire uniquely shaped and named headlands, such as the Devil’s Saddle, as far as the Poetto beach to relax and refresh yourself for a moment.

What we will see
  • Borgo Sant’Elia
  • Cliffs, creeks and caves: Grotta dei Colombi
  • Swimming in Cala Fighera
  • Devil’s Saddle
  • Aperitif in Marina Piccola and Poetto Beach

What we will do
  • Our excursion leaves the port of Cagliari with the splendid view of the city on the hill behind us.
  • Then we’ll come alongside the marvellous Borgo Sant’Elia, lying behind what was once a swamp. The Lazzaretto stands in the square facing the sea. Built in 1600 as a quarantine hospital, it has been transformed today into a Municipal Centre of Art and Culture As we continue our boat trip, we can admire the majestic cliffs and typical creeks and caves, including Grotta dei Colombi, situated on the slopes of the hill of Sant’Elia, near the fantastic cove of Cala Fighera. The cave was named after the large number of wild doves which nested here in the past and its triangular-shaped entrance is only accessible from the sea.
  • We continue to sail towards Cala Fighera, a breathtaking stony cove with a beach protected from the winds, where the shades of the sea vary from turquoise to emerald green. * Here, we have some free time for a few dives.
  • After this first stop, we’ll make our way towards the Devil’s Saddle, a promontory rising to the south of Cagliari, which separates the beaches of Poetto and Calamosca. The unusual, geomorphological formation of the Devil’s Saddle has made it one of Cagliari’s most significant, picture postcard views. Its name comes from the biblical legend of the demons, led by Lucifer, who were so impressed by the beauty of the gulf of Cagliari, they tried to conquer it in a battle against God and the soldiers of the archangel Michael. During the battle fought in the skies over the gulf, Lucifer was thrown from his horse and his saddle landed in the water of the gulf, where it turned to stone, giving birth to the headland. We’ll stop here to enjoy an aperitif in Marina Piccola, the peaceful tourist harbour of Cagliari at the beginning of the 15 km-long Poetto beach, one of the main spots for the city’s summer night life. It is thought that its name derives from a Spanish tower called 'del Poeta', which can still be seen today on the headland of the Devil's Saddle.
  • After a refreshing drink to revive us, we’ll slowly make our way back to the port of Cagliari to end our adventure.

What you need to know
  • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available.
  • This excursion does not include a guide or a local rep.
  • Minimum age: 4 years.