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In a nutshell

Can Ljubljana be described as a strange place? Well: there are dragons everywhere, a bridge that is actually three in one, and shoes hanging by their laces from power lines, like trophies. Prepare to visit this cozy city with its central European atmosphere. Unsurprisingly it has been nicknamed little Prague.

Main stops
  • Ljubljana old town: St. Nicholas Cathedral, Archbishop's Palace, Palace of the Seminary, external visits
  • Dragon Bridge, Market Square, Presernov Square and Church of the Annunciation
  • Triple Bridge, Congress Square, University, Palace of the Philharmonic Society and Church of the Holy Trinity

The programme
  • According to legend, the city was founded by Jason, the Greek hero who killed the dragon that lived in the marshes.
  • The more you wander around it, the more you become aware of the style of architect and town planner Jože Plečnik who was entrusted with redesigning the city between the 1920s and the start of World War II. 
  • After the dragon bridge, where you simply must take a selfie, you'll discover the distinctive Triple Bridge, three bridges side-by-side with balustrades, street lamps and tree-lined terraces.
  • With our guide, you'll visit the exterior of St. Nicholas Cathedral, with its green dome and two towers, the archbishop's palace and the palace of the Seminary, which houses a two-storey baroque library.
  • You'll have some time left to yourself. We suggest a food break to taste some potica, the famous walnut roll, typical of Slovenia. There are over 80 different sweet and savory fillings. The most famous here in Ljubljana is the potica with tarragon. Find out what it's like.

Good to know

The bus journey from the port of Trieste to Lubljana takes approximately 2 hours. * An identity document is required to cross the border. * The excursion is available both for guests in transit and for guests disembarking at the port of Trieste. * If Trieste is your disembarkation port, please contact the Excursions Office on board to check that the excursion times are compatible with your return transfer timings.