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    Sightseen, Designed for families, Less than 1 hour walking, Family friendly

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In a nutshell

An unmissable excursion, a balance of history and nature: to the islands of Giske and Godøy, to explore Viking history and culture, where we will be seduced by the magical views, to then discover the underwater marvels of the Ålesund aquarium. After a last look, we will enjoy breathtaking views from the top of Mount Aksla.

Main stops
  • Island of Giske: Giske church (guided tour of inside)
  • Island of Godøy: lighthouse in the village of Alnes
  • Ålesund aquarium
  • Mount Aksla: panoramic viewpoint

The programme
  • We start our excursion on the island of Giske, one of the many islands that make up the archipelago of the same name, where the inhabitants (around 6,300) rely on ferry links to Ålesund and the mainland. The islands can be reached over bridges and through underground tunnels, the longest of which is 4.2 km long.
  • The legendary island of Giske is also known as the 'saga island' because the Viking chieftain, Rollo, an ancestor of William the Conqueror, was born here and later settled on the northern coast of France known today as Normandy. Settlements on the flat and fertile island of Giske date back to the beginning of the Bronze Age.
  • Next we will visit Giske church, built in 1150; the inner and outer walls are covered with white marble. It was originally a family chapel belonging to the powerful Giske clan. The church boasts a multi-coloured altarpiece and a finely carved pulpit.
  • Then we will travel to the second island on our tour, the island of Godøy, with its unique structure, almost divided into two by a mountain range.
  • Here, we will visit the lighthouse from 1876 located in the small fishing village of Alnes overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. To truly appreciate the sense of isolation here, visitors who wish to do so can climb the stairs up the five floors of the wooden structure which lead to the top of the lighthouse, up to the circular balcony. Every floor features paintings created by the famous Norwegian artist, Ørnulf Opdahl.
  • Before returning on-board, we will visit the Ålesund Aquarium, one of the most characteristic in Europe. Large salted water pools are lined up along the coast, providing us with the opportunity to get to know the underwater world of the northern Atlantic. Through a transparent 18 metre panel, we can see the sea life within the largest of the pools, which holds 4 million litres of water.
  • On the return journey, we can admire some elegant details of the Art Nouveau architecture before heading to the suburbs with the fascinating wood villas and the well-kept gardens, heading directly to the ''Mount Aksla viewpoint**. We will stop here to admire the spectacular view of the city, the magical surrounding islands and the majestic Sunnmøre Alps before returning to the port.

Good to know
  • The itinerary may be subject to change.