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    St. Lucia

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    Sightseen, My Explorations, Less than 1 hour walking, 51

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In a nutshell

A true rejuvenating hike in the St. Lucia rainforest to discover the typical flora and fauna, essential resources for the locals, in a kaleidoscope of colours that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

Main stops
  • Rainforest: flora and fauna in St. Lucia (chestnuts, giant ferns, epiphyte plants, etc.), gorges and streams
  • Chassin, mount La Sorcière

The programme
  • This trail, which allows us to fully appreciate the wonderful landscape of the island, is named after the most important symbol in St. Lucia, the Jacquot, i.e. the multicoloured parrot typical of the Amazon.
  • We have the chance to admire plants such as the imposing chatannier, chestnut trees with thick trunks, extraordinary hard wood and a wide root system, as well as the incredible strangler fig, named this way because it wraps itself around the host plants until it covers them almost entirely and suffocates them.
  • Our walk also provides us with the amazing opportunity to admire the island’s flora and fauna, fundamental resources for St. Lucia’s inhabitants. Some plants are particularly important because they can be used for medicinal purposes. Expert guides take us around gorges and streams in the inner part of the forest, where we will also see giant ferns and other epiphyte plants.
  • At some 2000 feet, the community of Chassin at the base of La Sorciere is home to Rain Forest Sky Rides, St Lucia’s premiere eco-adventure company.

Good to know
  • This excursion is not recommended for guests with mobility problems.
  • Minimum age: 6 years.