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In a nutshell With this tour, we will have the chance to learn more about Licor 43, typical of the Cartagena region, from its origins up to modern-day production.

Main stops
  • Cartagena, panoramic views 
  • Visit to the Licor 43 factory 
  • Tasting session

The programme
  • Our itinerary makes us discover Licor 43, the renowned liqueur typical of the Cartagena region made with 43 ingredients deriving from a variety of carefully-selected Mediterranean fruits and herbs.
  • The famous Licor 43, now sold in over 70 countries worldwide, has ancient origins - it was in fact already in use in the Mediterranean city of Cartagena when the Romans conquered it in 209 BC and named this beverage liquor mirabilis, i.e. Marvellous liqueur. We can now savour the modern version produced by the Zamora family, who acquired the secret recipe in 1946.
  • We will visit the factory on foot, surrounded by the inebriating aroma of this fine liqueur, as we follow an interesting route that shows us all the bottling and packaging phases. We will relive the history of the liqueur through the various marketing and sports sponsorship campaigns.
  • At the end of the tour, we will delight our palates with a **tasting session of excellent drinks: the 'minibeer', made mixing Licor 43 with cream, and the special 'Licor 43' cocktail.
  • Before heading back to Cartagena, we must not miss the opportunity to admire the panoramic views offered by this wonderful land.

Good to know
  • Space is limited, so please reserve early.