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    Sightseen, Culture & local gems , Passepartour, Less than 1 hour walking

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In a nutshell

A unique excursion through history and the present day, ideal for those who love the mountains but want to see more than just the countryside: from the most spectacular landscapes the Norwegian fjords have to offer to a museum dedicated to the Second World War.

Main stops

  • The city of Haugesund and the pristine surrounding countryside 
  • The Arquebus War Museum 
  • The Steinsfjellet viewpoint 
  • The Haraldshaugen national monument

The programme

  • This scenic excursion takes us on a journey exploring the area east of the coastal town of Haugesund. Along with its spectacular natural landscape, Haugesund boasts a unique and fascinating history: not only was the Statue of Liberty made using copper from one of its mines, but it can also claim to be the original “fatherland” of Marilyn Monroe, whose grandfather worked locally as a baker before emigrating to the United States. Not bad for a town that was only recognised as a separate municipality in 1854! 
  • The highlight of our time in Haugesund is a visit to the Arquebus War Museum (Arquebus Krigshistorisk Museum). Located in the inner stretch of the Førresfjord, this museum brings to life various events associated with the Second World War, from the everyday lives of local people, the merchant navy’s contribution to the war effort, defence operations and the 1940 invasion, the enemy positions along the coast, the liberation, the fall of Berlin in 1945, and the allied victory in Europe. During our visit, we learn all sorts of fascinating details. For instance, the word Arquebus comes from the code name adopted by a local resistance fighter for communications made using a clandestine radio transmitter. The museum is the largest in Norway, with over 2,000 m² of exhibit space housed in an old farm building. The exhibits include manikins dressed in genuine uniforms and historical costumes. 
  • Following our visit to the museum, we make our way to the Steinsfjellet viewpoint which, at 227 metres above sea level, and with breathtaking views of Haugesund and the surrounding area, is a favourite spot among locals for walks and trips to the country. 
  • The next stop is at the Haraldshaugen, a national monument erected in 1872 to commemorate the thousand-year anniversary of the Battle of Hafrsfjord, which was fought and won by King Harald Hårfagre (Harald Fairhair) at Hafrsfjord near Stavanger in 872, leading to the unification of Norway. Harald Hårfagre established his court at Avaldsnes, on the nearby island of Karmøy, while the monument stands at a location believed to be the site of his burial, about 3 km north of the centre of Haugesund.

Good to know

  • We are bound by the timetable set by the local operator, which is communicated to the ship the day prior to the excursion depending on the different language options required. As such, we are unable to make changes to the excursion timetable.