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In Klaipeda, modern architecture merges with the city's historical landmarks. A panoramic coach tour and a stroll around the historic centre to discover the perfect combination between past and present.

What we will see
  • Panoramic coach tour of the most modern quarters of Klaipeda
  • Theatre Square and Ännchen von Tharau's sculpture
  • Meridianas Vessel, bronze sculptures and historic centre

What we will do
  • We begin our excursion by visiting the most modern quarters of Klaipeda, dominated by contemporary buildings, by coach. We then come to the historic heart of the city and stop in Theatre Square.
  • It is here that we find the famous sculpture by Ännchen von Tharau, the statue that depicts the shy girl celebrated by the poet, Simon Dach and whose expression emanates the same mysterious charm as the Mona Lisa.
  • In Klaipeda, we must not miss another symbolic landmark: the Meridianas Vessel, which is permanently moored in the Dan_ river. Around the city, we will notice many bronze sculptures that adorn the various corners of Klaipeda such as those of the Magical Mouse (Stebuklingas Peliukas) and the Chimney Sweep (Kaminkr_tys).
  • Our panoramic tour continues through the maze of 18th century streets, which make up the historic centre where it is still possible to make out the Medieval plan of the city.
  • After our walk, we have some time to buy a few souvenirs or relax with a cup of coffee. We then leave the historic centre of this charming city and head back to the ship by coach.

What you need to know
  • This excursion will be conducted mainly by coach.