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In a nutshell

An excursion dedicated to relaxation and to the well-being our minds and bodies with a visit to the Wotten Waven hot sulphur springs, where a regenerating purifying bath awaits us in the island's amazing natural setting.

Main stops
  • Laudat and Titou Gorge villages
  • Wotten Waven village: dip in the hot sulphur springs
  • Refreshments

The programme
  • We start our relaxing excursion with the village of Laudat 20 minutes from the capital, perched 350 metres above sea level and considered a “gateway” to see the island’s natural beauties. Laudat, centre of Dominica’s ecotourism, is the meeting point of the hot and cold water streams coming from the Titou Gorge (meaning “small gorge” in Creole), a narrow dark gorge with steep lava stone walls covered in creepers.
  • We can choose whether to take a swim to discover the crystal-clear waterfalls or sit and let the hot water current flowing into the fresh water of the gorge massage us.
  • We continue and head to Wotten Waven, known as the “Health and Wellness Village” due to its hot sulphur springs. As we are driven there on our coach, we can admire the imposing yet peaceful scenery that characterises the island of Dominica.
  • Once there, we climb down the approximately 40 natural steps leading to the open-air pools, where we can enjoy a half-hour dip in the hot water coming from an underground spring. Natural and rustic, this place is ideal for all nature lovers.
  • We take in the beautiful natural setting as we bathe in the sulphur water with therapeutic properties, an excellent solution to relax our muscles and joints and purify our bodies by getting rid of toxins.
  • At the end of our excursion, we enjoy some refreshments before heading back to the ship.

Good to know
  • Minimum age: 16 years.