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In a nutshell

An incredibly adventurous experience to get to know Dominica’s enchanting natural beauty: we venture on foot into the rainforest passing through canyons hidden by the thick vegetation to discover seven fantastic secret waterfalls in a crescendo of thrill and adrenaline.

Main stops
  • Extreme Dominica Centre at Cocoa Cottages in Shawford: safety briefing and quick canyoning training
  • Tour of the seven hidden waterfalls
  • Steep canyon and rushing waterfall: descent along the waterfall wall
  • Crystal-clear natural pools and other waterfalls
  • Seventh waterfall (Cathedral Falls): natural rocky archways and intricate roots
  • Purchase of tour photos at the Extreme Dominica Centre shop

The programme
  • We start our tour of the Secret Seven Waterfalls on the island of Dominica with an extremely new sports activity - canyoning.
  • Canyoning is a fun combination of snorkelling and river tubing, i.e. a descent along the river rapids with a thrilling abseil climb of a few mountain peaks without necessarily needing a lot of experience or being a trained athlete.
  • This tour takes us to discover seven spectacular hidden waterfalls that drop into a steep canyon connecting the Titou Gorge (meaning “small gorge” in Creole), a dark narrow gorge with steep lava stone walls covered in creepers, to the top of the Trafalgar Falls, also known as the “Twin Falls”.
  • Before departing, we pay attention to the safety norms: after collecting the equipment from the Extreme Dominica Centre at Cocoa Cottages in Shawford (on the way to Trafalgar), we attend a brief complete training programme and learn how to climb and descend a wall.
  • We then get on a Jeep and set off to discover hidden secret locations in Dominica’s rainforest.
  • As our hearts pound for the emotion, we peek at the rushing waterfall dropping into the dark abyss.
  • We still cannot believe what is about to happen yet, securely hooked, we get ready to descend along the waterfall walls as the cool fresh water flows next to us.
  • We loosen the rope with the right hand and gently slide downwards, step after step, into another river.
  • A greenish light filters through the walls of this hidden gorge as far as the basin collecting the water in the heart of the river.
  • Richard, the owner, is above us and hands us the second safety rope, while Jeffrey encourages us.
  • Our hearts skip a beat the moment we touch the first of a series of natural pools filled with crystal-clear water along the canyon riverbed.
  • But there is more: other waterfalls await us until we finish with the seventh waterfall, the magnificent Cathedral Falls. The rocky walls form natural archways while enormous intricate roots look like the pipes of an organ.
  • Our tour ends with a short walk in the warm sunlight. To remember this incredible adventure, we can purchase a few photos taken with the staff’s waterproof camera at the Extreme Dominica Centre shop.
  • All tours are organised with small groups to provide a personalised experience.

Good to know

Space is limited, so please reserve early. Note: Don't forget your swimsuit, a t-shirt to change, sun cream and hat. Optionally you can take personal dive booties, wetsuit, waterproof clothes.