Gyokusendo Cave & Shopping

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    Giro turistico, Naturalistisk tur, Shopping, Lunch not included

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This tour will visit Gyokusendo Cave and Shopping time at Ashibina Outlet Mall. The Gyokusendo Cave is located in Tamagusuku centre, one of the largest limestone caves in the Orient. Discovered in 1967, it offers visitors the chance to see a mysterious underground world of more than 900,000 stalactites, stalagmites and stone pillars, as well as subterranean rivers and waterfalls. After visiting cave, you will visit Ashibina Outlet Mall. It is Okinawa's first ever outlet mall, with 70 world brands gathered in one location. On the ground floor, maker directly-managed shops and legitimate branches are standing next to each, offering goods at 30-80% of their regular price. On the second floor, the food corner gourmet zone has 6 restaurants and a 600-seat capacity. Within the facility, attendees give information to visitors regarding the amenities and shops.Please enjoy shopping.