Manzamo Cape and Kouri Island - Chinese Guests

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In this tour, you will visit Manzamou Cape, Nago Pineapple Park, Kouri Island, and Kokusai Street. Manzamou Cape is the name of the coral reef cliff and this name was appointed by the Ryukyu King Sho Kei. Once upon a time, when king happened to visit this cliff, he was stunned by this scenery and insisted that “the Cliff from this scenery has a space for thousands of citizens”. Thus the name “Manzamou” is appointed as “Man” means thousands in Japanese. This spot was designated as one of the Okinwa’s scentic spot, and known to offer you the fabulous view of the emerald blue Ocean of Okinawa. After visiting Manzamou Cape, Nago Pineapple Park is the next destination. It is a theme park in Okinawa that cultivates about 100 types of pineapples. There are also a promenade allowing plant enjoyment and an observation platform to fully discover views of the whole park. Visitors can also discover the process of pineapple cultivation, explore the parks winery and enjoy samples of pineapple and pineapple wine. Kouri island is connected with Okinawa mainland by the longest toll free bridge in Japan. With beautiful scenaries on both sides, Kouri bridge is also known as one of the popular scenic spot in Okinawa. Please enjoy the view. Lastly, Kokusai will be awaiting you to have free time for shopping. Construction in Kokusai Street started in 1953 during the turbulent post-war years and it was one of the first busy streets in Naha, known as "Miracle Mile".

What you need to know

Passenger should have strong support to assist with chair, if going to attempt this activity rated excursion. Wear low-heeled, comfortable walking shoes. Passengers are recommended to exchange Japanese Yen on board. Passengers with wheelchairs required to be negotiated to with few steps board the coach. Subject to change the order of itinerary without prior notice.
*At Nago Pinapple Park, Automatic Cart is not included nor any administration area.